what is the Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA)?



The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) is one of the most significant state police chiefs associations in the United States, with over 1000 members from various law enforcement agencies across the state. These include municipal police departments, airport police, college and university police, tribal police, railroad and port authority police, private business and security firms, and federal, state, and county law enforcement agencies.

The FPCA was initially organized in 1952 with the goal of promoting legislation that would enhance public security by providing superior police protection for the residents of Florida and its many visitors. Today, its role has expanded to provide better communication, education, and training for the various police and security agencies in the State of Florida.

The FPCA offers a range of services and benefits to its members. It holds two conferences each year offering state-accredited training that can be applied toward mandatory retraining requirements. The association also provides seminars for newly appointed police chiefs, law enforcement personnel seeking to become police chiefs and police chief’s administrative/executive assistants. In addition, the FPCA Career Center, introduced in 2017, is an online resource that provides members with information on minimum requirements for chief of police positions, guidance on applying for command positions, and templates for cover letters, resumes, and references.

The FPCA also plays a significant role in legislative representation. It maintains a strong presence in Tallahassee and regularly testifies on legislative issues of a public safety nature. The association’s Legislative Committee studies and evaluates proposed legislation that may favorably or adversely affect the Association, public safety, law enforcement, or the welfare of police officers on a state or national basis.

The FPCA also facilitates the dissemination of information, provides continuing police training, and promotes a better understanding of the police profession in general. The FPCA ensures the highest degree of preparedness and responsiveness among the state’s many agencies and officers through conferences, seminars, and special training courses.

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For more information about the Florida Police Chiefs Association, you can visit their official website here. You can also check out their About Us page for a more detailed overview of the association, history, and mission. You can visit their News / Media page for updates on their activities and initiatives.

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