Do Cops Have Quotas In Florida?



Do Cops Have Quotas In Florida?

In Florida, it is illegal for law enforcement agencies to establish or maintain traffic ticket quotas. This is clearly stated in Florida statute 316.640 7(b), which was passed in 2015 and is often referred to as the “Waldo bill”. The law was enacted in response to the discovery that the small town of Waldo was generating nearly half of its revenue from traffic tickets, leading to the belief that a ticket quota system was in place.

However, despite the law, there have been instances where law enforcement agencies have been accused of trying to circumvent it. For example, in 2017, two high-ranking Florida Highway Patrol officers resigned after backlash over an email sent to troopers telling them they weren’t writing enough tickets. The email specified they needed to be issuing two tickets per hour, which was defended as a “goal” rather than a quota.

Critics argue that this is essentially a quota by a different name and still a violation of the law. They also suggest that such practices can lead to mistrust between law enforcement officers and the public, as drivers may feel they are being unfairly targeted.

Video: Ticket quotas are illegal in Florida. But here’s how police can get around state law

while ticket quotas are illegal in Florida, there have been allegations and instances that suggest some law enforcement agencies may still be operating under a system that resembles a quota. However, these instances are not the norm and are generally met with significant backlash when discovered.

For further knowledge, you can watch The video above which explains how police can get around the state law in Florida. You can also read more about the controversy surrounding traffic ticket quotas in Florida here.

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